JOY 3700 - Floor Standing (880000021)

JOY 3700 - Floor Standing (880000021)

Joy CP-900H - Table Top (880000045)

Health Benefits:

- Detoxify

- High Anti-Oxidation

- Prevent Acidosis from Pathological Charges

- Considerable amount of Ionic Minerals

- Large quantity of Dissolved Oxygen

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About JOY CP-900H (Table Top)

Patented 4 Stage Bio-Ceramic Filters turn ordinary tap water into antioxidant mineral water!

Rich in Hydrogen, Alkaline, NegativeIons (- ORP), Micro-Clusters Small Molecules, Ionic Minerals, Dissolved Oxygen.

Safety lock for hot water is a thoughtful feature.

Patented 4 Stage Bio-Ceramic Filters

•  Remove heavy metals

• Remove harmful chlorine

• Remove rust, sediments & impurities

• Effectively block bacteria & viruses

Patented 4 Stage Bio-Ceramic Filtration System

1st Sediment Filter

• Primary filtration

• Removes 5 – 10 µm pore size sediments (rust and suspended solids)

2nd UF Membrane Filter

• Remove 0.01 µm impurities

• Effectively block bacteria and viruses

• Reduce harmful TTHM (Trihalomethane)

• Reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) Reduce radiation fallout

3rd AOA Filter

• Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Filter

• Alkaline water 8 – 9 pH

• Ionized water with oxidation reduction potential [ORP] (-150mV ~ -200mV)

• Emit useful minerals

• Patent registered technology

4th Magma-Q Filter

FDA tested ceramic which emits far infrared and radiant energy with strong sterilizing power.

• Keep water bacteria free

• Remove heavy metals

• Remove radioactive isotopes

• Smaller water micro-clusters

• Supply essential minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na etc.)

• Remove residual chlorine

Product Name Hot & Cold Table Top Water Dispenser
Model Name JOY CP-900H
Weight 23 kg
Product Size W260 X D450 X H550 mm
Filtration Method Patented Bio-Ceramic Filtration System
Rated Consumption Total 600W (Hot: 500W Cold: 100W)
Rated Voltage 230~ V
Service Area Indoor
Climatic Class N
Cold Water Storage Capacity 3.3 litres
Hot Water Storage Capacity 1.9 litres~
Filter Cartridges – Non-toxic PP Sediment / UF Membrane / AOA / Magma Q
Requirements Water supply (direct connection to water pipe or faucet)  Electricity power supply