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Studies by the World Health Organization have established that the unique characteristics of drinking water in these known villages for long life account for the longevity enjoyed by the villagers. As early as 1931, scientists in Japan have discovered alkaline ionized water as health giving water. Since 1965 alkaline ionized water is the only water endorsed by the Japanese and Korean (1970) governments as health improving water.

In recent decades, the use of Alkaline and acidic water for both internal and external therapy has become increasingly popular. More than 100 leading hospitals use electrolyzed water therapy as supplementary medical treatment. The results have been nothing short of amazing and have been featured in nationally televised news reports and documentaries in both Japan and Korea.

The alkaline ionized water produced by WaterSource water ionizer exceeds WHO (World Health Organization) recommended characteristics of good drinking water:

  1. WaterSuorce Alkaline Water has high negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) that acts as super anti-oxidant to neutralize rampaging free radicals in our bodies. This lowers our risk of chronic diseases and reverse aging.
  2. WaterSource Alkaline Water is rich in dissolved oxygen that promotes healthy body metabolism, lowers blood glucose level and lipid viscosity.
  3. The extremely small water molecule clusters (57Hz) in our alkalilne ionized water hydrates our body at a celluar level, promotes metabolism, detoxification and lowers the risk of arterial wall hardening.
  4. WaterSource Ionizers produce alkaline water of pH between 8 - 10.5 to help maintain our bodies optimal alkaline pH and keep acidosis in check. 80% of chronic diseases has been attributed to an overly acidic body - a result of our modern lifestyle and diet.
  5. WaterSource Alkaline Water contains suitable amounts of ionized minerals that are easily absorbed by the body, a foundation for good heart health and overall well-being. This is made possible by our propietary TM pi-ceramic filter that is rich in bio-active substances.

Premium Model - The Only Water Process Recognized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare (Japen & Korea) to have Clinically Proven Medical Benefits Since 1965

Korean Clinical Study

Learn About Alkaline Ionized Water

WaterSource’s water ionizer is a product registered as ‘a medicinal substance-producing equipment’ with the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) due to its strict quality control and system, and can easily generate abundant alkaline and acidic water.

Application for the patent of the medicinal substance-producing equipment

The Korean name of the invention: The ion water purifier using SMPS and its control method

High frequency DC (tens ~ hundreds KHz) is used for it after it is converted from AC line frequency (50~60 Hz) by applying the Switching Mode Power Supply mode. It also maximizes the power usage rate by the pulse width modulation transforming frequency, and thus has not only high competitiveness with its high efficiency and economy but also the technological composition to highly improve the stable power compared to the existing transformer modulation. It can be used as multi formation by setting up system modulation.


Unique Selling Propositions

Why Cells Dehydrate?

We have heard enough about the importance of water everywhere. However, despite drinking enough water everyday, many of us are still having cells dehydration? Why? When we drink ordinary water, we have to convert it into cellular water before the cells can use it. The water we drink from the tap differs substantially from the water which bathes the tissues & cells in our bodies. Tap water has a surface tension of approximately 73 dynes/cm. The water around our cells has a surface tension of approximately 45 dynes/cm.

If we cannot convert into the structure of cellular water, it passes through our bodies and causes cells dehydration.

Water Can Kill / Heal.

What Are The Differences?

Drinking the wrong kind of water can actually make us sick & age prematurely. Many of us are not aware that our cells need more than just clean or filtered water. However, sad to say that almost all the available treated water in the market is proton-saturated (+ORP); and hence, it oxidize and accelerate the degeneration of our cells. Healthy drinking water should be electron-rich (- ORP) to act as a powerful free radical scavenger.

The Root Cause Of Aging & Chronic Diseases

A free radical is a toxic compound that loses negatively charged electron, produced in the body as a by product of metabolic oxidation. It therefore carries a positive charge and it’s unstable. It will steal electron from another cell and loses its ability to perform its special function or to replicate itself normally. High levels of free radical are the major cause of aging as well as more than 100 types of acute & chronic diseases.

The Most Powerful & Unique Antioxidant – Mega H-

Vitamin C, E & others are well-known antioxidants. However, when they surrender the electron to the free radical; they themselves become a free radical but less aggressive one. On the contrary, Mega H- (reduced hydrogen) is the only unique antioxidant that becomes a free radical after surrendering the extra electron. Mega H- is the lightest & smallest element known to science; it travels easily throughout the body. Hydrogen when in hydride (H-) state is found in most fresh fruits and vegetables as well as actively moving water. As to compare to Vitamin C & E which is at molecular level, Mega H- is at atomic level & has thousands of times more powerful than of those at molecular level.

Your Inner Terrain Determine The State Of Your Health!

Water has been called the mother and matrix of life. Water is so much part of life that we tend to ignore it and look elsewhere for the magic bullet. Recent discoveries have shown that all the symptoms of aging are in one way or another accompanied by slow dehydration of the cells of vital tissues associated with free radical oxidative damage. Dr Alexis Carrel received the Nobel Prize for keeping the cells of a chicken heart alive for 38 years. His research has proven that our cells are immortal; the wellness of the cells is determined by the fluid that bathes our cells. In this case, we refer our body fluid as the ‘inner terrain’. The one cause of sickness is acidosis. Imagine our inner terrain as a refrigerator, turn it off and see what happens. There will be putrefaction, breeding ground for bacteria and manifest diseases.

50 Times’ DNA Cellular Reproduction – The END Of A Life

Normally, our cells can only divide about 50 times before they cease reproduction. As our tissues and cells are depleted of hydrogen, they become stiff and lose flexibility. Symptoms of hydrogen depletion include chronic fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances, indigestion and many other chronic diseases. Hydrogen bonds are the ‘glue’ that holds together the molecules in the DNA double helix and hence it slows down aging by reducing the number of times that our cells can divide.

The Secret Of Hunza Water, Glacier Water…

We heard about healing springs of Lourdes & Hunzakuts lived up to 150 years drinking Hunza Water. The life-enhancing ability of this water is NEGATIVELY CHARGED. It hydrates the body at a far deeper level than our old familiar H20. It is alkaline, which was our body’s state at birth. Today, many health authorities question drinking of pure water, because it causes leaching of body minerals through osmosis. Excess acidity forces the body borrow minerals from vital organs and bones to buffer the body fluid. Dr Louis Pasteur says “The germ is nothing. The inner terrain is everything.”. Whether we drink pure water or not, we ingest 8 millions germs as we breathe. Extracted from the lecture notes by Dr Mona Harrison (former director of the International Water Council); ‘alkaline ionized water electrolysis converts the inorganic minerals present in the water to organic minerals, just like plant juice’. The acid/alkaline theory is the foundational health decision of people. We now have the opportunity to permanently change 75% of our body from an acidic liability and breeding grounds for germs, to a natural state, the state we were designed to live in before we polluted our planet and our bodies.

It Is Not A Water Filter But A Medical Device

In America, sales of water ionizers have skyrocketed as it has become more widely known. In Japan, ionized water is accepted at a government level as a cancer curative. Japanese hospitals regularly use it internally and externally for a wide range of maladies including ulcers, psoriasis and other skin conditions. People are relieved from a wide variety of ailments such as asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, indigestion, hypertension, high blood sugar, high lipid profile, obesity as well as cancer.