Why Buy Watersource

Why Buy WaterSource

7 Reasons To Choose WaterSource


• Strongest pH and negative ORP
• Thickest and strongest hybrid solid/mesh Titanium plates in the industry, coated with 10x Platinum and baked to harden for extreme durability


• Most advanced and superior to solid or mesh plates
• Optimum electrolysis


• The only TM-PI feature in the industry
• Largest filters in the industry


• Highest pH and negative ORP without chemicals
• Smallest Micro-Cluster size (57 Hz)


• High amount of Hydrogen (1600ppb)


• Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – One safety mark that is recognized by 102 countries based on 1,000 standards
• CB – One quality mark that is recognized by 43 countries
• ISO9001 and ISO14001


• SMPS Plus Power (more superior than Transformer Technology)
• One Touch Technology (touch screen, voice guide etc)
• Anti-bacteria Technology
• Polarity and Anti-Scale Technology (for effective auto-cleaning)

Rated USA No 1

water buyers guide

There are numerous alkaline ionizers in the market which make it hard to choose with every company claiming it is the best. In a competitive market such as the USA, two respectable alkaline water research companies (www.waterionizer.com and www.alkalinewater.com) have compiled an essential buying guide which simplifies the buying process and educate us on the latest benefits and technologies.

The eliminating process is stringent – from 100 worldwide brands in the USA, 9 units are selected to be the perfect alkaline water ionizer, based on critical aspects such as total surface of plates, filtration, negative ORP and pH levels, and ease of use etc. We are proud to say that we stand out from the rest. We are the market leader.

Belonging to the same manufacturer in Korea, Tyent is the brand name in the USA whereas WaterSource is the brand name in Singapore.

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More Reasons – Why We Are Different

Is there an auto-clean feature? 

A water ionizer produces the healthiest water available at the touch of a button. It is a machine that hooks to your water supply and dispenses water at variable pH levels. The best water ionizers run on electricity in order to produce the best antioxidant levels, which are also known as -ORP (negative oxidation reduction potential).

Cellular Functional Water 

Not just alkaline ionizer water but Cellular Functional Water! Not many people are aware that water can store and transmit information. According to Dr Ludwig (Nobel Prize Winner), water is energetically dead when loaded with harmful chemicals. We cannot control the source of our water and neither can we change the frequency of water. WaterSource ionizer is unique in that, out of the two filters in the ionizer, one is a unique filter which contains fermented organic soil called “total micro-organism ceramics”, which gives off particular wavelengths or resonance frequency to enable the micro-clusters to be even more micro in size (NMR 57Hz) and to restructure the source water to our cellular water. Smallest cluster size of water can permeate effectively into our cell membrane.

The frequency of the Total Micro-organism Ceramics gives the pro-biotic frequency, in which it is the frequency of the pineal gland, hence, regulating all other glands below the pineal gland. This provides excellent health results. In short, ordinary alkaline water ionizers can only give you alkaline water, they can’t change the frequency in the water. Only with the unique WaterSource filters can the frequency in water be changed and provide you the fluid for your cells!

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) shows the measurement on the cluster size of water.


Unique Twin Filters 

Our filters offer a 0.01 micro filter media, equal to those found in kidney dialysis machine. We also have the largest physical filter in the industry. The size of the filters increases the purity of WaterSource water. Water passes lengthwise through the filters, therefore, the longer the filter, the more media it has to pass through. That means even purer water. WaterSource is the industry leader in filtration.

Filters capacity – 3,600 litres

Recommended filter replacement cycle – 6 to 9 months

*Life of filters can vary greatly due to usage, water pressure and water quality. Filters have to be replaced sooner than scheduled time when water quantity reduces greatly or quality is reduced.

Low Maintenance Costs 

Considering the Total Micro-organism Ceramic filter provides bio water which is much more superior to ordinary alkaline water, the maintenance cost is actually very low.

Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate 

All WaterSource ionizers are fitted with medical-grade Solid/Mesh Hybrid plate technology. It is the best choice as solid/mesh hybrid plates offer the durability of solid plates and the extensive surface area of mesh plates.

Most ionizers have solid or mesh plates. In WaterSource, we are not satisfied with either design as they do not offer the maximum electrolysis powers. Therefore, our engineers researched extensively and developed the cutting-edge solid/mesh hybrid plate, offering the best of both worlds.

Largest Plate Surface Area 

WaterSource ionizers have the largest and highest-quality plates in the industry. Larger plates mean greater alkaline and acidic water capabilities and stronger pH, which makes WaterSource the leader in producing the strongest negative ORP available on the market. Our medical grade titanium plates are dipped multiple times in the highest quality platinum. Thereafter, they are baked to ensure quality and durability.

SMPS Plus® Power Supply 

3 types of power supplies are used in water ionizer systems:

1) Transformers– oldest technology, hefty and prone to overheating; do not allow for voltage adjustability. The ancient circuit design is less efficient than the newer technology. Some ionizers are still using Transformers as they are less expensive.

2) SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) – newer technology; lighter, smaller and more efficient than Transformers. Commonly being used in flat panel televisions, computers, laptops and other modern electronic devices.

3) SMPS Plus - newest, most advanced technology. Our engineers went back to the drawing board and created their own power supply unit called SMPS Plus. They took a traditional SMPS and enhanced it to work specifically in a water ionizer. Our SMPS Plus gives you 55 adjustable power settings so that you can create the perfect glass of alkaline water based on your source water. The power and efficiency of our SMPS Plus enable our ionizers to create strong alkaline and acidic water without using chemicals, providing a longer life-span.

With all the advantages of SMPS Plus, one will wonder why some companies still choose the cheapest, less efficient power supply in their water ionizers.

Excellent Water Capability 

WaterSource ionizers remain the only one with the largest solid/mesh hybrid plates with enough power to produce excellent water capability without chemicals. Our Turbo units a range of 2.0 to 12.0* on the pH scale; and have a negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP) of up to -875 ORP*.

*Depending on the water source

**Lowest and highest ends on the pH scale are not for drinking – they are a natural and powerful cleaning and disinfecting agent.

Medical Device 

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted by the Korean Government on the efficacy of alkaline / reduced hydrogen water, which have dramatic results in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, lower cholesterol and even anti-tumour. WaterSource alkaline water ionizer is regarded as a Medical Device by Korean Food & Drug Administration (KFDA).

UL Approved 

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the highest standard in safety and the most difficult safety listing to obtain. It certifies devices for electrical safety and WaterSource products are approved for electrical safety.

ISO Certifications 

Our manufacturing facility is both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. The International Standards Organization (ISO) is responsible for certifying facilities for quality and consistency in product manufacturing. ISO certification ensures the lowest possible defect rates and confirms that the manufacturing facility operates in a manner that is safe for workers and the environment.

No Added Chemical! 

WaterSource ionizers are certified to be chemical-free!. Insist on a chemical-free ionizer as such chemical will be in your drinking water.

Highest Antioxidant Levels 

Our bodies use antioxidants to protect us from the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to our cells and contribute to disease and pre-mature aging. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and free-radical damage stress, pollution, pesticides etc. Scientific research has shown that WaterSource ionizers have the highest antioxidant levels available in alkaline ionized water.

Antibacterial Technology 

Our ionizers have the ability to kill potentially harmful microorganisms and other living bacteria found in water because of this technology, more reliable and efficient than UV light.

Adjustable Presets 

As water from the tap differs from place to place, we give you the freedom to adjust the alkaline and acidic presets accordingly. This adjustable option gives you the flexibility to create great water, no matter where you live.

One-Touch Technology 

With our one-touch technology, everyone is able to operate our ionizer with ease.

Auto Cleaning 

All our ionizers are equipped with auto-cleaning feature known as Polarity Anti Scale Technology – one of the most advanced cleaning systems in the industry. Better cleaning means longer-lasting components and healthier water.


Since WaterSource ionizer is attached to your tap, you are assured of an unlimited supply of clean water immediately, more cost effective than purchasing bottled water.

100% Made In Korea 

All WaterSource ionizers are 100% made in Korea.