GEM 9090NT Turbo 9 Plates (877000127)

GEM 9090NT Turbo 9 Plates (877000127)

GEM 5050NT 5 Plates (877000128)

WaterSource® GEM 5050NT Alkaline Hydrogen Functional Water Ionizer is equipped with 5 HYBRID Platinum plates

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Water ionizer exists for more than half a century. WaterSource® GEM 5050NT Alkaline Hydrogen Functional Water Ionizer is crowned as USA No.1 water ionizer consecutively for 10 years and beyond! Thanks to the most state-of-the-art technology, WaterSource® water ionizer turns tap water into highest antioxidant water in the industry, with richest dissolved molecular hydrogen (1600ppb) and strongest –ORP values (-ORP800mV) to deliver remarkable anti-aging and anti-inflammation properties, prevent and reverse all kinds of degenerative diseases ! It is beyond just water ionizer, the system is equipped with two proprietary TM-Pi filters that offers unique resonance energy to energize and restore dead and sick water into 57 hertz living water for optimum cellular hydration. Just touch the screen to collect 5 types of functional water (pH3-10), 100% chemical-free!

The health and wellness of your family begins at the choice of your drinking water. Buy once and last for at least a decade, ( 3 years product warranty & 7 year plates warranty ). Buy only the best as the wellness of your family can never be compromised! Rest assured Water Source® offers the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY for the unparalleled quality!

Product Name WaterSource Alkaline Hydrogen Functional Water Ionizer
Model Number GEM 5050NT
Purifying Mode TM Filtration Mode
Power Consumption Max 220W
Ph Levels 3 Alkaline, 1 Neutral, 3 Acidic, 
Filter Configuration 2 Filters System
Filter Life Display LCD Filter Replacement Display and Voice Announcement
Electrolytic Cell Quantity of Poles 5
Water Cell Plate Materials Platinum and Titanium
Product Size 330mm (W) X 135mm (D) X 355mm (H)
Product Weight (kg) 5 kg