Which level of alkaline ionized water should I start drinking with? 

You should start with alkaline water at level 1, pH 8.5. After about 1 week, then proceed to drink at level 2, pH 9.0 and drink it regularly. For those who have certain chronic over-acidity condition, or you are very active in sports, you may can want to drink at level 3, pH 9.5 after about 1 to 2 weeks.

Drinking normally at pH 8 ~ 9.5 on a daily basis is more than enough to help us neutralize the over-acidity in our bodies.

What should I expect to feel after I start drinking WaterSource alkaline ionized water? 

Majority of our customers shared with us that they.

(1) Felt more energized,

(2) Experienced with improved bowel movement,

(3) Experienced better skin complexion, within the first few weeks of drinking WaterSource Alkaline Water.

Many customers with certain chronic health conditions also reported improvements in their condition within 3 to 6 months. See www.watersource.com.sg/testimonials for more information.

Is it alright to let baby drink alkaline ionized water? 

Yes, It is perfectly fine to let baby drink alkaline water. If you use mild alkaline ionized water to prepare a baby's formula milk, the properties of the milk become closer to that of the breast milk. Research showed that a baby who drinks his/her mother’s breast milk is less likely to fall ill; and breast milk is mildly alkaline.

How much water should I drink each day? 

Basically, you should always drink at least 2 litres of water each day and depending on your situation, you should drink more water; for a person with chronic disease, heavy drinker, smoker, outdoor workers or for athlete, as much as 3 to 4 litres should be consumed. Medically, there is no specifically set amount of water taken each day. Water is an essential part of metabolic function, and to release body wastes.

My body is "cold". I am afraid of drinking water without boiling. 

Even if your body is cold or weak, you need not worry about drinking alkaline water. However, you should start drinking by warming up or boiling the water. After about three (3) months you may not feel “cold” even if you start to drink alkaline water without boiling.

Our stomach is acidic. How does taking alkaline water be beneficial if our stomach is neutralizing the alkalinity of the water? 

Yes, stomach acid (aka hydrochloric acid) is acidic. However, it is secreted only when food is ingested and, hence, our stomach does not produce this acid all the time.

Each time the stomach acid (at pH 2.0) is produced, the pancreas secretes bicarbonate alkaline substance to neutralize the stomach acid so that pancreatic enzymes can work properly. Normally, after eating, there are transient changes in the blood pH, known as the acid and alkaline tides that correspond to the stomach and pancreatic secretions. Usually the pH of the blood quickly returns to normal. However, more and more people are suffering from digestive problems where digestive secretions are out of balance due to the insufficient secretion of pancreatic bicarbonates, which is a major cause of over-acidity in the body.

Hence, many of our customers have noted that drinking alkaline water do help in digestion and those who suffer from digestive problems have seen a remarkable improvement in their condition too.

Finally, drink at the recommended level of pH between 8.5~9.5 whether during or outside meal times.

Can I boil alkaline water? Will it lose its efficacy? 

You can certainly boil alkaline water. The alkaline water will retain its alkalinity and the water molecules are still micro-clustered. However, the positive ions may be reduced due to oxidation. Alkaline water at level 4 is specially recommended for boiling/cooking of soups, rice, and stew as it helps to reduce acidity in these foods. You will be glad to know that alkaline water also makes tea and coffee taste better!

What are the uses of the acidic water? 

There are many uses of the acidic water, depending on the level of acidity. In general, it is a natural astringent and sanitizer. You can use it as a toner, refresher for your face/body, or use it to rinse fruits, vegetables and meat. Beauticians are known to use acidic water for their many beauty treatments both for your skin and your hair. You can also use it for sanitizing chopping boards, cooking utensils in the kitchen, or soiled clothes, table cloths etc.

How should I store my alkaline water? 

It is best to take alkaline water directly from the ionizer. However, for practical reason, you may store the alkaline water in an air-tight container to prevent losing the negative ions. It is best to use a glass container or a BPA-free plastic container to prevent plastic leaching into your drinking water. Alkaline water, when stored, is best consumed within 2 days to appreciate its full efficacy.

What is the best level of Alkaline water to consume? 

Typically, any level between pH8.5 - 9.5 is good enough. For making soups, cooking rice, you may want to use pH10. There is really no need to go beyond pH10 as advocated by some other brands in the market.

Why do I see sand-like particles gathering at the side of my bottle / jar after sometime? 

Do not be alarmed. This is the same sand-like particles you would see if you are using a steam iron. There are minerals present in our water supply and when left to sit in our bottle / jar, these particles become visible.

Just as you would use white vinegar (or citrus salt) to wash these sand-like particles off the sole-plate of your steam iron, do the same to your bottle / jar about once every 2 weeks. These minerals are safe for drinking. The higher the level of ionization, the higher the concentration of minerals, thereby making it even more visible. You may like to know that using acidic water in your steam iron will help you prevent scaling on the sole-plate.

If you are using the ionizers for commercial water refilling, your daily usage will be many times more than the usage for the home. As such, you would need to activate a daily clean cycle as well as a monthly clean cycle. Please contact your local franchise office for Cleaning Instructions of the KYK ionizers for commercial water refilling stations.

If there are areas for improvement, please feel free to call us at the same number above or write to us at contact@h2olifesource.com. Your satisfaction is important to us.