H2CaP Plus Portable Hydrogen Water Generator ( silver)

H2CaP Plus Portable Hydrogen Water Generator ( silver)

Nano Hydrogen Beauty & Health Spray

Seperate Hydrogen water to Hydrogen air,which been proof that to breathe in hydrogen air & drink hydrogen rich water ,

"Potential as an antioxidant in preventive & therapeutic applications" Dr Ohta Japan

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Nano Hydrogen Healthy & Beauty Spray

(30ml Portable Nano Hydrogen Mist Spray Healthy & Beauty Spray)

A use friendly face sprayer adopted ultrasonic vibration technology and nanoscale hydrating to moisturize skin deeply anytime anywhere.It can produce finest mist in 30 seconds.


Very convenient to carry and use, you worth it!

Deep cleansing, tender skin,improve metabolism and skin detoxing, etc.
All-around water replenishment, used on face,hands, body, hair etc,
   reduce fine wrinkles and skin sensitivity.
Leaving skin tight, fine, bright, refreshed and comfortable.
Soothe skin, spray on face, neck , arms and legs after getting sunburn
   can fast calm skin,reduce redness and pain.
Easy operation, slide switch design, for a convenient moisturizing at any angle.
Suitable for all skin type, even the sensitive skin.
USB charging offers convenience for you and compatible with various
   electronic devices including mobile phone, computer and also the mobile
   power supply