15 Reasons in Choosing WaterSource

Water ionizers have come a long way to break through technological barriers since scientists discovered it's able to generate the healthiest water as longevity villages to help & maintain natural good health.
Thankful to our R&D team for creating Won the first USA honorary cutting-edge technology ionizer to realize the dream of lifelong health.

1) USA Number 1

USA No. 1

2) 0 % Chemical

0% Chemical

3) Certified Medical device

Certified Medical device in Korea( KFDA2131)

Rated by 3 major Independent Research Organizations

Research by a Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Ludwig, water is energetically dead when loaded with harmful chemicals.
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Certified Medical device in Korea( KFDA2131)

4) 99.97% Pure Platinum

99.97 % Pure Platinum Certification

5) One Touch Cleaning System

RTR-Real Time Refresh

6) ABT Anti-Bacteria Technology


99.97 % Pure Platinum Certification

RTR Real-time automated cleaning, triggered by both time & volume to ensure minimal mineral scale buildup on the Read More

ANTI-BACTERIAL technology with quality Assurance

7) Largest Surface Area in Industry

Largest Surface Area

8) Hybrid Plates

Hybrid Plates



Larger plates produce richer hydrogen, more excellent alkaline, better oxidation-reduction potential, Read More

Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate
Plates are the most critical part of an ionizer.
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WaterSource GEM series 7th generation SMPS Plus advanced computerized, far ahead of the market. It offers a Read More

10) Patent TM π Twin Filter

Patented TM Pi Filters

11) Medical Grade Titanium

Medical Grade Plate

12) Free Pre-Filter

Pre-Filter with Casing

Patented TM π water technology, which uses fermented organic soil to produce total Read More

Tickets and most vital hybrids solid / mesh Titanium plates in the industry, coated with 10x platinum and Read More

Pre-Filter helps to remove chlorine and reduce harmful TTHM( Trihalomethane) & VOC ( volatile Read More

13) 7 Years Warranty

7 Years Warranty

14) Professional Dedicated Service

Professional Dedicated Services

15) 4-36months Installment

4 to 36 Mths Installment Plan

7 years plate warranty.
3 years product warranty.

At our company, we believe in providing a personalized experience for each of our clients. Read More

4 to 36 months Installment Plan with 0% Interest.

International Awards and Accreditations

International Awards & Accreditations